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A drunk driving arrest can have a significant impact on your freedom and your future. Whitfield & Mock, PLLC provides trustworthy and effective criminal defense services to people charged with DWI (sometimes referred to as DUI in other states). We are committed to minimizing the impact a DWI charge has on your life.

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Conviction of a DWI can be punishable by potential jail time, heavy fines, mandatory community service, and alcohol treatment. If convicted, your drivers license will be automatically suspended for a minimum of one year to the maximum penalty of permanent revocation. Additionally, your auto insurance company will significantly increase your premiums. When so much is on the line, an attorney from our firm can step in to ensure your rights are protected.

Whitfield & Mock, PLLC has substantial knowledge of DWI arrest procedures and the methods that can be used to challenge the arrest. For example, we analyze the traffic stop. Did law enforcement have probable cause to stop you? We look at the manner in which evidence was seized. Was the search and seizure illegal? And were field sobriety tests administered properly?

Our firm builds the strongest defense possible on your behalf with the goal of minimizing the consequences of a conviction. We strive to have charges dismissed altogether. We understand the uncertainty you are feeling, and we respond with caring, prompt legal help.

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You can take an important step today toward protecting your rights, freedoms and future. Call Whitfield & Mock, PLLC at (704) 663-5350 or toll free at 1-888-340-3254 to schedule your free initial consultation.
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